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From the President...
After years of selling financial software to small Cities, Towns and Villages for their billing needs, we realized that in using standard accounting programs for billing support/maintenance fees to our clients, they just did not work very well for renewal of support fees. We would have to manipulate old invoices and merge excel files to manage the growing number of clients and support fee structure. This would take hours in some billing periods just to gather the information.

We found it especially difficult to adjust additional fees to the customerís current payment schedule. If customers purchased additional modules and needed to have the support prorated to the normally scheduled support date, it could be very complicated. Many times support fee revenue was lost or not scheduled for renewal in the typical accounting system.

In creating Re*Solution software, we wanted to take the drudgery, frustration and mistakes out of support invoicing, tracking, and management. We wanted real world reports that do not create more questions but give you answers. The program provides reports that you can not find in other financial packages.

The real benefit is in the renewal invoices, proration of fees and automatic scheduling of renewals and being able to forecast income and revenues.

This is your free preview, preloaded with test data and a real program not a simulation or screen shots. See what you have been missing!

Dennis Davis
President of Fineline Software, Inc.