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My Data Station
Managed Backup Software

Managed backup software protects your critical files, data or images.

Have you experienced or heard about?
  • Hard drive crashes and no backup!
  • An employee deleted the wrong file!
  • The backup was old, bad, or not on the CD!
  • After backing up for months, then tried to restore data that was corrupt!
  • A computer was stolen along with all backups!
  • A fire destroyed the computer, data and programs!
  • A virus corrupted the data files and backups!

  • For a limited time, Fineline Software is giving away a full copy of My Data Station FREE with the purchase of one year of Managed Data Storage.

    Protect your data with My Data Station!

    We all know why backups are important, but:
    Unfortunately, we have all experienced a loss of computer data at sometime. It may be as minor as a letter or a spreadsheet, but when it is a day, a week, a month, or years of work, it is a catastrophe! Where do you begin again? Even if you have the last print out of your data it maybe limited to the last billing or the last payment record. You will have to start from scratch, re-enter client information, and financial data. It can take weeks. With My Data Station you can have daily, weekly, or monthly backups stored off your site in a secure environment.

    The lesson learned is you need a backup that is removed from the premise and you must have more than one method of protecting your data.

    What is My Data Station software?
    My Data Station is backup software used when backing up data or, information to a CD, USB device, your hard drive, and most important, a secure web location on a Fineline server. A safe, secure, anti-virus scanned, firewall protected site. Only you have access to your data through a password protected location on the server.

    How does it work?
    It is as simple as clicking an icon on your desktop. When you install the software you will see a My Data Station icon on your desktop. Simply click and you will be given the choices of how and where to backup your files. Even with dial up access, it takes longer, but is still safer than not backing up at all.

    Download the FREE preview of "MyDataStation" and you can create 10 backup of your data at no cost.

    Pricing for MyDataStation
    Disk Space MyDataStation Software Fee Server Storage Fee Contract Length (Minimum)
    No Server Storage $395.00 N/A 1 Year
    3-15 Gig FREE $150.00 (First 3Gig)
    **$30.00 each additional Gig
    1 Year
    16-25 Gig FREE $475.00(First 16Gig)
    **$25.00 each additional Gig
    1 Year
    26+ Gig FREE $610.00(First 26Gig)
    **$20.00 each additional Gig
    1 Year