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"Managing the Power of Information"

Re*Solution  is designed to compliment and add value to your current accounting software! Re*Solution integrates with your accounting software to provide revenue & support fee management

Re*Solution is the ONLY product designed for a software company to manage their Support fees and/or Maintenance fee systems.

Start with invoicing, and follow the process of tracking, reporting, forecasting and evaluating information. Re*Solution will make using three or four software programs to do your invoicing & renewals obolsete.

Click here to view example screen shots of Re*Solution.

Re*Solution will provide:
  • Invoicing & Renewals
  • Manage Fees & Fee Proration
  • Management Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • E-mail Billing / Notices
  • Import/ Export Data
  • Web Base Report Sharing
  • What If? -Formulas

  • Download your FREE Preview copy of Re*Solution software now. Your preview system will have a pre-loaded database of 100 accounts. There is no limit to the time you can preview the software.

    The pricing of Re*Solution software is dependent upon the number of customers you support. Your investment is as little as $0.50 per year, per customer.

    Use independently or interface with popular accounting software. Download your Free Preview of Re*Solution Software.

    Does your software do this?
    If not, stop wasting time and money, add Re*Solution software to your accounting system now!
    Features & Functions CRM Software Accounting Software Re*Solution Invoicing
    Products Price variance matrix individual or group --- ---
    Services Product grouping matrix (unlimited) --- ---
    Product / service tax matrix (unlimited) --- ---
    Auto record notes on price adjustments --- Limited
    Auto renewal duration scheduling --- ---
    User defined renewal duration --- ---
    --- ---
    Invoicing Automatic updating of down line invoicing --- ---
    Proforma invoicing ---
    E-mail direct from invoicing ---
    Price Grouping on Invoice --- ---
    Single line invoice for multiple products --- ---
    Price pro-ration on invoice --- ---
    Pre- invoice reminders --- ---
    Individual tracking of grouped products --- ---
    Customer statement printing on demand ---
    Recall invoice on demand ---
    Reports Unearned revenue report --- ---
    Lost renewals report --- ---
    Reverse marketing report --- ---
    over 25 Attrition report --- ---
    reports Income Forecast report --- ---
    E-mail reports or network storage
    Report format storage for recall --- ---
    Customers Individual assigned tax tables --- Limited
    Up to 100 customized data fields --- ---
    Recall on all financial invoices ---
    Renewal date adjustments --- ---
    Integration Initial download of startup data --- ---
    Customer Scheduled Integration --- ---
    Import / Export of selected data