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Re*Solution - Renewal Program Management FAQ's

How does Re*Solution Manage Fees & Pro-ration?
Re*Solution - Renewal Program Management Software will allow you to track and manage your fees automatically. You can increase or pro-rate fees automatically to modify for customer payment methods or your financial adjustment of fees.

What Management Reports are available?
Management reports by region, sales rep. or by product provide comprehensive information at your finger tips.

Attrition Report
The attrition report is your way to understand if there is a loss of customers and revenue and if there is an explanation for the loss.

Non-renewed Product Report
A detailed report on products canceled or removed from customers invoicing.

Product Sold
A detailed report on products sold by selected time period.

Customer Report
This is a customer Profile report showing detailed information on customers, including addresses and phone numbers. 

All Products
This is a detailed product list of all products or services being offered.

Renewal List
Complete report of all fees pending for renewal by selected time period.

 What Financial Reports are available? 

System Status
The system Status Report provides an overview of the current sales and renewals revenues as a comparison to last year’s record.

System Activity Report
This one page report is your record of customers, products revenues, receivables and payment received.

Aged Balance Report
Detailed report on current, over 30, over 60 or over 90 day balances, including debits and credits.

Late Account Report
Listing of all account that to be assessed a late charge.

Open Invoices
Open balances for collections or review of accounts

Tax Summary
Detailed account of taxes billed and collected

Customer Purchase
Detailed account of customer purchases over select period of time.

Unearned Revenue Report
Offset your taxable income against your unearned revenue. No other software provides this detailed report on revenue that is unearned in the current year or selected time period.

Can Re*Solution use E-mail Billing / Notices?
Yes, Re*Solution - Renewal Program Management Software support email or Customer notices through a smtp server.

Can I Import/Export data?
Yes, Start up your Re*Solution by importing your data from a excel spreadsheet, a ASCII file or even Quickbooks.

Is there any kind of Web Base Report Sharing?
Yes, If you have an office in Minneapolis and your headquarters are in New York share your reports with the home office via the internet with a secure server.

How does the Forecasting Report work?
This is the greatest tool that you can use to forecast the effect of an increase/decrease of sales along with an increase/decrease of fees over a given period of time. It answers question, if sales are +/- 12% per year and increase fees by 7% per year over the next 5 years, what will be the financial outcome? Then receive an answer in 10 sec.